Byways Stories

The stories along our byways started when the French ceded the Northwest Territory to the newborn United States.† Immigrants followed the Ohio River into the new territory and settled on land belonging to the Shawnee and Miami nations.† The U.S. Army came to defend the settlers and force removal of the indigenous people.

Settlers quickly worked to carve out states and build homes and bridges over the Whitewater and Miami Rivers and the many creeks that fed them.† Canals, roadways and railroads soon increased the speed of moving farm goods to towns and cities that grew every day.† Manufacturers built beautifully crafted wooden items like grand staircases that were shipped all over they world.† They made buggies and wagons, and later cars, busses and hard surfaced roads.

Two U.S. Presidents made their home near the Ohio River and the present Indiana/Ohio border.† They served both states in political offices leading to the White House.† And when it came time to build a canal from Indiana to Cincinnati, they were there.† Read their stories to find out how their influence eventually led to the completion of the Panama Canal.

And itís not just history!† Canoeing, horseback riding, ziplining and more awaits on these byways!† Or are they Do-ways?† Be sure to try the wine and fresh food too!

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