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Our Mission: “to preserve, protect, and enhance the historical, scenic, and cultural assets of the Whitewater Valley, by educating local, regional and national visitors.”

The Whitewater Canal Byway Association (WCBA) is a 501(c)3 charitable organization, created to govern two sister byways. The Whitewater Canal Scenic Byway was approved by the Indiana Department of Transportation in 2005.  The Presidential Pathways Scenic Byway was approved by the Ohio Department of Transportation a year later.   Together, these two byways define a region along the southern half of the Ohio/Indiana border. 

Scenic Byways are defined as a collection of roads that tell a story.   Driving these byways becomes a journey of discovery into America’s transportation history of rivers, canals, railways and roads.  They tell the story of Presidents William Henry Harrison and Benjamin Harrison, and their courageous wives, who envisioned a world made better by their efforts.  They worked hard to make their visions into reality.

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The WCBA has identified interesting sites and activities to help you plan your adventure.

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The WCBA is more than a set of roadways.  By working with businesses, historical sites, cultural and recreation venues, the WCBA creates a community which is more than just a sum of its parts. 

· The WCBA partners with communities to preserve historic assets.

· The WCBA sponsors conferences to share information and enhance best practices.

· The WCBA creates experiential tours that promote pride of place for our local citizens and captures the interest of tourists and entrepreneurs visiting the area.

· The WCBA publishes and markets materials about the Whitewater Valley

· The WCBA provides a campground and conference center where groups can meet and share their experiences.

· The WCBA promotes regional entrepreneurship and place-based small businesses.

· The WCBA sponsors educational opportunities about history, art and nature.

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Each Byway sign was purchased by communities, companies or individuals who believe in the WCBA mission.  Sign Sponsors are our base from which to grow.


Look for these signs for all scenic byways in Ohio.