How you can help

To accomplish the many goals of the WCBA takes the help of many people sharing their gifts and talents with the valley. Why should I volunteer, you might ask?

® A chance to give back to your community!

® Share your pride in your region!

® Meet new people, make new friends!

® Help preserve our history!

® Help turn great ideas into great experiences!

® Educate the public!

The Whitewater Canal Byway Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.† We depend on our supporters to do our work.† You can provide support in the following ways:

 Volunteer† at the Gateway Park, in your community or from your computer.

 Serve on a committee (Event Planning, Fundraising, Marketing, Education, etc.)

 Help fund our efforts through your personal donation or become a member.

 Share your stories of living in the Whitewater River Valley.

 Post your local historical or preservation events on the WCBA Facebook Page.

 Share information about the WCBA with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Newsle or Pinterest.

 Be part of the Gateway Park by camping, renting one of the facilities.

 Visit our store.†


All proceeds support the work of protecting, and preserving our beloved landmarks and sharing our regionís creative history with our children.

© WCBA 2014.† Contact the WCBA to suggest changes.




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