Join with others in the region that believe that we need to share our history and creative talent with those who want to rebuild the economy of the Whitewater Valley.† That starts with giving people a reason to visit our region and meet our people.† It means creating a beautiful and inviting place to visit and live.† It continues with providing interpretive information so we all know why a site is important to us.† The WCBA is working to build on our history to restore pride to our people and share that pride of place with others.† Your donation helps educate our own people to the incredible hard-work that built this region in the 1800ís.† Your donations can make sure that people know that we still have that pioneer spirit than can make our future can be even brighter.

Become a Member

Pioneer Level ($1-49)

Canal Boat Crew ($50-99)

Helmsman ($100-199)

Canal Boat Captain ($200-999)

Settler ($1000-4999)

Founder Level ($5000 and more)


Where does your money go?

 Providing interpretive signs for sites along the byways.

 Creating new ways to see and experience the byways.

 Maintaining Gateway Park for campers and conferences.

 Providing educational experiences for children, families and businesses of the region.


The WCBA deeply appreciates your memberships. Your donations at any level support the work we do to help enhance and preserve the Whitewater Canal Region. Our history gives us pride and faith in our future.† We could not have come this far without you!

Please contact the WCBA to contribute.† 765-647-2541.† Or send your check to the WCBA at:

PO Box 75,

Metamora, IN 47030


Donate !

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