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Tips for traveling with children—

The byways are an excellent way to teach your children about their history and how people create communities. 

Before you start—

· Answer questions like: how long you want to be out, what are the children interested in?

· Check out the online driving guide for ideas.  Call ahead to make sure that sites will be opened.

· Have the children help pick the sites and activities that appeal to their interests.  Develop a list of questions to find answers to on the trip.

· Learn something about the sites before you travel

· Plan what snacks & in-car games/activities to take along like our Children’s Discovery Guides.

· Plan a scavenger hunt or Bingo game of things to find along the way.

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· Bring a good map and ask the child to help read it on the trip.

· Bring a camera, old crayons, pad of paper, and information (and questions) about the historic sites you will see.  Take rubbings of textures, sketch, etc.

· For nature adventures, bring books that help identify flowers, birds, fossils, etc.  Also bring old catalogs to press leaves and flowers.

After the trip—

· Have the children draw pictures of what they saw or create a story to tell about their day on the road.

· Make a scrapbook from your stories, photos, rubbings and pressed flowers.

· Share your stories and photos (linked) on the WCSB Facebook site!

Also see our Education page (linked) for additional resources to use with children along the byway.

Ready?  Let’s Go!